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Indo Overseas Films started in 1985 by our founder Mr. YM Elias which is a part of SEASAGA Group ( partnered with Raymond Chow's Golden Harvest Studio Hong Kong introduced Jackie Chan, Jet li, Donnie Yen and Michael Yip ( Michael Khan), Tony Jaa along with other Hong Kong action stars to the Indian audience. Our founder in his long and illustrious career Mr. Y.M.Elias was Vice-Chairman, Marine Export Promotion Council-a Govt. of India body for development & promotion of seafood Industry in India. President, Seafood Exporters Association of India and won several accolades including Presidents Medal for outstanding Export performance in year 1969-70 and have been honored with Life time special Award by Marine Products Export Development Authority of India for his contributions to Indian Seafood Industry. We have released more than 500 films from all over the world. Indo Overseas films is managed by Mr. Firoz Elias ( CEO).

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